How It Works

You’re already tracking attendance, discipline records, state assessments and other information related to student performance. But it’s probably not easy to access or available in one place.

We make your data work together. The Ed-Fi Data Standard and suite of technology components are built to integrate data from student information systems and other sources. It also works with your existing IT infrastructure and vendors, saving you time and money.

The data stays safely in your domain, under your privacy controls, while you get access to free tools and improvements added by the states and school districts already putting Ed-Fi technology into action.

You see the data in a simple, web-based dashboard with real-time data on every student. Ed-Fi powered dashboards make it easy to evaluate and compare student performance, see trends, comply with reporting requirements, and take action to improve student achievement.

And it’s all available for FREE. Find out more about the technical details of the Ed-Fi Data Standard and suite of technology components for educators and vendors.