How It Works

You’re already monitoring attendance, discipline records, state assessments and other information related to your school and students. But is that information easy to access? Do all your different systems talk to each other? Can you turn all of your data into meaningful information? With Ed-Fi technology, the answer is yes.

By harnessing the passion and progress of educators and IT leaders across the nation, Ed-Fi’s Data Standard and technology implementation suite was designed to address the unique needs of school districts. The technology brings together data from student information systems, learning and content management systems, and other operational systems such as finance, HR, and transportation to provide a more comprehensive view of your school and students. To put it simply, we make sure all of your information works together, so you can turn your data from something you have into something you can use.

It’s important that you always have local control of your data and systems. And with Ed-Fi technology, you are the steward. You’ll never be tied to a single vendor — giving you the freedom to use the technology you choose in the environment best-suited for you, saving both time and money. You’ll also enjoy access to free tools added by the many states and school districts that are already putting Ed-Fi technology into action. It’s our collaborative goal to make sure that these technologies are made widely available to you.

And with the simple, web-based Ed-Fi Dashboard, you can support your educators by providing a tool to easily evaluate student performance, see trends, comply with reporting requirements, and take action to improve student achievement.

And it’s all available for FREE. Find out more about the technical details of the Ed-Fi Data Standard and technology implementation suite and get started today.