Validation Tool

To better enable high-quality, interoperable solutions for the education sector, the Ed-Fi Alliance now offers an online validation tool. The tool allows users to ensure interoperability and successful data exchanges among multiple education data systems. Real-world implementations of Ed-Fi technology reveal the value to all users of having a mechanism for validating the exchange of critical data against the Ed-Fi core schema as well as state-specific extension schemas.       

Ed-Fi Validation Tool

This tool enables near-instant validation checks of data files created using Ed-Fi technology. It helps vendors ensure the quality, interoperability and compatibility of tools and products that employ Ed-Fi technology, and helps ensure that any data exchanged is valid. Vendors no longer have to create their own tool or identify another validation tool compatible with their products.  Using the Ed-Fi validation tool saves time and money with each student data system implementation.

States and school districts also reap the benefits of the new validation tool from the Ed-Fi Alliance. Ed-Fi technology allows districts and states to unlock existing data that is in legacy source systems, then unify and standardize that data for classroom educators and decision makers.  The time-saving validation tool allows developers to verify that exchanges are working during the development process, streamlining the testing process. It frees resources  for other purposes while ensuring that system components stay on track for sharing data consistently.

The validation tool:

  • Reduces implementation time and costs
  • Validates FERPA-compliant data files against Ed-Fi standard interchange schemas and select business rules
  • Provides a user-friendly, lightweight web-based interface for vendors
  • Deletes test files upon conclusion of each test

For guidance on utilizing the validation tool, please download the Getting Started Guide and visit