Local Education Agencies

1.1 Introduction to Ed-Fi Technology

This short video provides a high-level overview of the Ed-Fi Alliance and Ed-Fi technology components as well as resources necessary for a successful project implementation.

1.2 Ed-Fi Technology Quick Start

This 20-minute video provides an overview of the Ed-Fi technology components, including the data standard, ODS and API, dashboards and tools.

1.3 Navigating Ed-Fi Resources & Tools

Ed-Fi is an open community with a great deal of documentation and information. In this 40-minute video, Ed-Fi Solution Architects walk you through the resources and tools available to Ed-Fi users.

Scoping and Proof of Concept
2.1 Dig in Planning Guide for Ed-Fi Projects

This 20-minute video walks through the top 10 things to consider and plan for in your Ed-Fi Project, working with technology vendors toward interoperability, and how to build support and get others on board.

2.2 Analytics Solutions for Ed-Fi

This 17-page presentation walks through Ed-Fi analytic solutions for local education agencies and districts, including links to resources to get started.

2.4 Use Case: San Francisco Unified Data System Strategy

This 38-page document shows how San Francisco Unified successfully developed and applied a consolidated data system strategy to improve student achievement through data quality, interoperability, and governance.

2.5 Ed-Fi Cloud-Based Deployments

This brief provides an overview of deployment options for Ed-Fi ODS/API in the Cloud.

2.6 Understanding Ed-Fi Data Integration Through A Real-World Use Case

This 23-minute video walks through the basic constructs of the Ed-Fi data model and how data becomes interoperable using a real-world use case of enrollment. It serves as a starting point before diving deeper into an implementation.

2.7 Ask & You Shall Receive: Tools to Facilitate Interoperability Requests

This one-hour webinar recording covers how, when and why local and state education agencies should request interoperability from their vendor partners. We’ll give you the tools and resources to help make this request.

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