Technology Providers

Getting Started
1.1 Introduction to Ed-Fi Technology

This short video provides a high-level overview of the Ed-Fi Alliance and Ed-Fi technology components as well as resources necessary for a successful project implementation.

1.2 Ed-Fi Technology Quick Start

This 20-minute video provides an overview of the Ed-Fi technology components, including the data standard, ODS and API, dashboards and tools.

1.3 Navigating Ed-Fi Resources & Tools

Ed-Fi is an open community with a great deal of documentation and information. In this 40-minute video, Ed-Fi Solution Architects walk you through the resources and tools available to Ed-Fi users.

1.4 Ed-Fi Technology Provider Introduction

A 14-page overview of Ed-Fi technology including the Ed-Fi API and Data Standard.

Scoping and Proof of Concept
2.1 Ed-Fi API: Vendor Implementation Overview

This 45-page presentation provides more detail on the data standard, accessing and implementing the Ed-Fi API client and endpoints, and other helpful tools for implementation.

2.2 Understanding Ed-Fi Data Integration Through A Real-World Use Case

This 23-minute video walks through the basic constructs of the Ed-Fi data model and how data becomes interoperable using a real-world use case of enrollment. It serves as a starting point before diving deeper into an implementation.

2.3 Ed-Fi Cloud Deployments

This brief provides an overview of deployment options for Ed-Fi ODS/API in the Cloud.

2.4 Getting Started with the Ed-Fi Assessment API

This 45-minute presentation walks through the Ed-Fi Assessment API basics, top questions, technical tools and documentation to get you started.

3.3 Ed-Fi Client SDK Options

This brief shows how vendors can work with SDKs and provides links to Ed-Fi documentation.

3.4 Upgrade to 3.0: Transition to 3.0 ODS/API

This 46-page document will help prepare agencies and technology providers for transition to the 3.0 APIs and the new model for extensibility.

4.1 Ed-Fi Certification

This 17-page document provides an overview of the certification process for technology providers.

4.2 SIS Vendors: How to Get Started

Summary of certification steps and resources for SIS vendors.

4.3 Assessment Vendors: How to Get Started

Summary of certification steps and resources for Assessment vendors.

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