Today at the 2016 Ed-Fi Alliance Summit, I had the pleasure of announcing the public release of MappingEDU, a powerful data mapping tool – as well as the upgrade and enhancement of both the Operational Data Store (ODS) Application Programming Interface (API) and the Ed-Fi Exchange. Together, this suite of tools will promote easy, seamless and successful education data standard implementations.

As many of you know, our main goal at the Ed-Fi Alliance is to positively impact student achievement and teacher satisfaction by putting data into the hands of teachers and administrators, giving them access to critical education data – and we believe the most effective way to accomplish this is through the wide adoption of the data standard.

We’re achieving our goal by constantly looking for ways to drive out cost and complexity from real-world implementations and migrations and through improvements to the standard itself. We also create and offer tools like MappingEDU, ODS API and the Ed-Fi Exchange that showcase the power and effectiveness of adoption.

  • With MappingEDU – a web-based system designed to simplify data mapping – we’re improving the data integration process for analysts and technical staff, streamlining this common and time-consuming task.
  • ODS / API v2.1 provides a simpler, more cost-effective way of connecting and maintaining systems. It puts the user in control of the data and gives them the freedom to choose best of breed applications.
  • Finally, our Community has added several impactful contributions to the Ed-Fi Exchange, our technology hub aligned to the Ed-Fi Data Standard to which all Community members can contribute.

And we couldn’t have made these advances without the collaboration of our Community. One year ago, MappingEDU was just a concept. Only through the help of our Community members were we able to make it a reality.

I am very proud of the progress that we’ve made as a Community and these new tools will take us another step close to our goal.

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