You may have already heard the word at Summit—Ed-Fi Academy is here! The Academy is a new training platform organized into three categories for SEAs, LEAs, and vendors, and serves as a guide to the Ed-Fi implementation process.

When we launched Ed-Fi Academy at the Summit, we were thrilled to hear that Ed-Fi “newbies” feel more supported with this resource available to them and seasoned Ed-Fi Community members are already looking forward to using this to brush up, mentor others, and explain the value of Ed-Fi to vendors and other audiences.

This is exactly how we imagined and designed this platform, the goal being twofold: providing an on-demand training resource that guides both technical and non-technical leaders through an effective Ed-Fi implementation, and providing an advocacy resource that can be used to make the case for Ed-Fi.

A big shout out to the Summit attendees featured in this video; it perfectly captures our shared enthusiasm! You can learn more about the Academy in this press release we issued at launch, and we are always looking for feedback from you on how we can make Ed-Fi Academy even better. Email us at to let us know the next topic you’d like us to address.