By certifying on Ed-Fi, School Information System (SIS) and Assessment providers are signaling their support for teacher choice. More and more educators are taking advantage of the wealth of highly specialized teaching and learning tools.

Connecting these systems through a data standard is essential for seamless data integration between multiple source systems of data, and building from the data model provides districts, schools and educators the ability to easily plug in the tools and applications of their choice directly into these systems.

Ed-Fi certifications allow product developers to demonstrate a product’s fidelity to Ed-Fi standards and guidelines, and for purchasers or users to be confident that a product conforms to those same Ed-Fi standards and guidelines. The program’s goal is to ensure that systems can inter-operate and exchange data using Ed-Fi standards and technology. These vendors have certified their Student Information System or Assessment platform against the Ed-Fi Data Standard using the ODS/API.

For more information and details about certified partners, please see our Tech Docs.