Join us at the EdSurge Fusion Conference on Wednesday, October 3 for our workshop, Making Sense of Multiple Measures: A Better Way to Collect, Organize and Analyze Assessment Data.

You’ll never have less data than you do today. And as assessment practices evolve from a single formative assessment tool to multiple assessment measurements using several technology platforms, the amount of data collected can quickly become overwhelming and time consuming to manage.

Join district leaders from the Ed-Fi Alliance to discuss the challenges in making sense of multiple measures and to learn how interoperability can provide critical resources to help make sense of it all and equip educators with valuable and accurate information that provides a full-view of student progress.

After attending this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify challenges with the current model
  • Understand the four common strategies used today
  • How to get data flowing from multiple assessment tools and aligning into one repository
  • Securely move data into analytics reports and data visualization tools
  • Equip educators with powerful reports that can have significant impact on student agency and progress.

Through our partnership with EdSurge we are able to provide invitations and registration to members of the Ed-Fi Community. Email if you are interested in attending.