What Comes With An Ed-Fi License?

If you’ve considered these steps you’re likely ready to sign the Ed-Fi license and get started. While the Ed-Fi Data Standard is freely available to anyone, by signing the license you become a member of the Ed-Fi Community and get access to the following resources:

  1. Code to our Operational Data Store schema definition and API.
  2. Code to all of the data visualization tools available on Ed-Fi; Microsoft Power BI templates and the Ed-Fi Dashboards.
  3. Access to our Issue Tracker enabling you to submit bugs that will inform our roadmap and future releases.
  4. Access to our Community-only forum where our users share knowledge and expertise.
  5. Access to our mapping tool, MappingEDU, an easy way to map to and from the Ed-Fi Data Standard and other available maps.
  6. Access to the Ed-Fi Exchange were you can download work the community has shared.
  7. You’ll have the option to be a part of our Special Interest Groups, Technical Advisory Group and a contributing member of the Ed-Fi community.

License Agreement Summary

This easy-to-read summary attempts to outline the points of greatest interest in the Ed-Fi license agreement. It is no substitute for good legal advice, so make sure to have your attorney review the license agreement in full before accepting the terms. The signed license agreement shall form the entire legal relationship between the parties and this summary has no legal force or effect.


  • The Ed-Fi Alliance retains ownership of original materials
  • Licensees retain ownership of derivative works created from the original materials
  • This license is non-exclusive, with the original materials remaining available to other licensees
  • Materials are provided as-is, with no warranty
  • The Ed-Fi Alliance has no liability associated with use of the materials
  • The Ed-Fi Alliance should receive credit for work, per the terms of the license agreement


  • Modify, extend, and create derivative works based on the original materials, provided any modifications made to the Ed-Fi XML Data Standard are made in conformance with the referenced Ed-Fi Extension Framework Guidelines
  • Redistribute the original materials for evaluation or review, provided the materials are distributed complete, including copyright notices


  • Sub-license the work without prior written consent
  • Claim ownership over any part of the original materials
  • Violate other terms of the agreement, of course


  • In this license agreement for the Ed-Fi materials, the Ed-Fi Alliance requires pre-approval for the proposed derivative works created from the materials. This serves two purposes:
    • So that the licensee can make a direct connection between the use of the original materials and some charitable purpose or public benefit
    • So that the license terms can be generous and acceptable for product development as long as the licensee uses the materials for their stated purpose
  • The original materials covered by this license include an XML data standard. Licensees are encouraged to provide feedback on the data standard via the Ed-Fi Alliance website; licensees may also register to participate in the periodic Request for Comments process online

Review and Submit the Ed-Fi License Agreement

In order to get full access to the Ed-Fi technology code base, you’ll need to sign our license agreement. Once you’ve reviewed it, above or here, and are ready to sign, please click the button below to fill out a short form about your organization and project. This process typically takes no more than 24 hours before you have an executed license agreement back in your hands and are ready to start using Ed-Fi technology.

Submit License Request