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Interoperability Advances Education and Your Business

By adopting the Ed-Fi Data Standard, you not only enable educators to better serve their students with interoperable technology – you open your business up to new market opportunities.

Why Ed-Fi?

Schools today are hubs for technology, and the mountains of data they create and consume are only getting bigger. To make sense of it all, they’re seeking out systems that will work together seamlessly, not lock them into more data silos. With Ed-Fi, education technology vendors can offer interoperability between their systems and other data sources without implementing a different integration for every customer who needs it.

Answer the Call for Interoperability

More and more school districts and state agencies are requiring technology systems to be interoperable. Meet this demand as a certified Ed-Fi Partner.

Raise the Value of Your Data

When your technology works together with other systems to provide richer, more comprehensive student insights, its value to a school district gets an immediate boost.

Reduce Custom Integration Requests

With Ed-Fi’s Data Standard and APIs, you can deploy your products faster, replicate solutions at scale, and minimize unique integrations.

Eric Miller

Dir. of Product Management, Platforms & Integration • Illuminate Education

"The demand in the marketplace is growing. And as we grow our business, more and more we hear Ed-Fi is a requirement for a tech vendor to grow their business. That’s important and we’re listening as well as hearing that to be successful in the ed tech industry."

Erin Mote

Executive Director • InnovateEDU (maker of Cortex)

"Technology is never going to replace great teachers. However, there are ways to give teachers and schools better tools that allow them to be smarter about student information and bringing together operational and instructional data."

Getting Started

Whether you’re already a member of the Ed-Fi Community, or you’re learning about us for the first time, we want to make it easy for you to jump in and start using the Ed-Fi Data Standard. 

Easily Pull Roster Data

Populate your solution with roster information from an Ed-Fi ODS / API.

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Get Data Flowing

Use Ed-Fi to achieve interoperability and exchange data with other education technologies.

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