The Licensed Materials described here consist of a suite of solutions including a toolkit for accelerating development of student-level performance management systems, an operational data store and related application programming interface, a unifying data model, a data exchange framework with data standards to support an educational performance management system, and related software tools, in each case, as updated and supplemented from time to time.

Specifications, documentation, and information about updates and additions to the Licensed Materials can be found online:

1. Toolkits for Educational Performance Management Dashboards & Data Visualizations

These Licensed Materials include visual mockups of dashboards, reports, software, source code, and performance metric definitions for indicators that appear on the dashboards and reports. The metric definitions are technical definitions for student- and campus-level performance indicators. These Licensed Materials can be used as both business requirements (i.e., describing the reasons why a particular metric is used, and how the business intends to use the metric) and also technical requirements (i.e., describing the data and calculations used for the metric, and how the system should behave when displaying the metric). The software, source code, and metric definitions can be used as-is or adapted for use to meet a particular need or set of available data. These Licensed Materials can be used as a specification, or a basis for a specification, of the User Interface for a Student, Campus, or District Educational Performance Management System.

2. Operational Data Store and Application Programming Interface.

These Licensed Materials include source code, database definitions, and sample data for an operational data store and accompanying application programming interface (“ODS / API”). These Licensed Materials also include supporting tools to administer, extend, map data to, and load data into an instance of the ODS / API. The ODS / API source code, database definitions, and sample data may be used as-is or modified to meet a particular need or set of data and reporting requirements. Where source code is provided for supporting tools, those tools may be customized to support particular usage scenarios.

3. Data Exchange Framework and Unifying Data Model.

These Licensed Materials comprise Ed-Fi data exchange specifications, the “Ed-Fi Extensions Framework,” and the “Unifying Data Model.” The Data Exchange Framework is a broad set of definitions for transferring educational information between systems and the definitions for storing transferred information in a relational data system. The Ed-Fi Unifying Data Model includes data definitions, a data model, and representations of the data model including an XSD of an abstract data model from which various concrete data exchange schema are derived. The Ed-Fi Extensions Framework describes methods to create concrete data exchange schema from the Unifying Data Model and extend the model to meet implementation needs while remaining compatible with the Ed-Fi data exchange standards. The data exchange framework includes several specific concrete XSD files based on the Unifying Data Model (e.g., a schema to transfer test results and a schema to transfer student profile information).

4. Future Materials.

These Licensed Materials include materials that may not currently exist, but which are added to the suite later to enhance the licensed technology described above. These materials will be available at the GitHub repository identified in the Ed-Fi Adopter License Agreement or at a specific URL which will be provided to Licensee by Licensor when the first of such materials become available for use by Licensee.