The Ed-Fi Community is one of the most valuable resources that come with Ed-Fi adoption. We foster and facilitate a strong community, 365 days a year. The Ed-Fi Community is a robust and growing network of dedicated technologists and educators that work together to share best practices and actively contribute their knowledge back to the community, this group is made up of all current Ed-Fi licensees.

Community members have the flexibility to contribute on an ongoing basis or just when they can. Either way you can have the confidence that there are hundreds of technologists working on similar implementations, and as a member of the community you have continuous access to the collective wisdom of other Ed-Fi users.

Here you can find more information on these resources and more, available through this new initiative, as well as tips and tricks on how to make the most of Community365.


Issue Tracker

The “central nervous system” for all things related to Ed-Fi. Go to the Issue Tracker to submit a ticket, propose a change or suggest a bug fix.

Tech Docs

See how Tech Docs is a one-stop online repository for all technical documentation related to Ed-Fi Technology.


MappingEdu is a mapping tool for Ed-Fi Community, featuring an Extension Report, which allows community members to view and learn about extensions to the data standard by education agencies.


MetaEd is a technology framework that uses an Ed-Fi-aligned domain specific language (DSL) to auto-generate software, database, and data standard artifacts.

Validation Service

Validation Service enables Ed-Fi adopters to run validation checks against Ed-Fi data exchanges that have been created according to the Ed-Fi Data Standard.

Ed-Fi Exchange

Technology hub for community contributions aligned to the Ed-Fi Data Standard. Go to the Ed-Fi Exchange to find community-developed solutions to common problems.

Slack Team

Free communications platform to facilitate group projects and conversations. Use Slack for open discussion on any Ed-Fi topic, get feedback from peers, and collaborate on common issues.

Our new Slack Team features specific channels that are open to all licensees, which can be treated like a town hall. You can even invite partners and contractors to specific project channels to foster collaboration and asynchronous communication with the team.

To become apart of the Slack Team, follow three simple steps:

  1. Download Slack
  2. Join the team
  3. Team guidelines

Technical Advisory Group

The Ed-Fi Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is composed of organizations with technical expertise in Ed-Fi Technology and in the technology domains critical to meeting the goals and mission of the Ed-Fi Alliance and Ed-Fi Community. The TAG provides technical guidance and input on the Ed-Fi Technology Roadmap, technical artifacts, and technology decisions relating to the Ed-Fi Data Standard and Implementation Suite. Please consult the Ed-Fi Technical Advisory Group Charter for more details.


  • Arizona Department of Education
  • Certica Solutions
  • Double Line Partners
  • Florida CODE / NEFEC
  • Infinite Campus
  • Michigan Data Hub / KRESA
  • Placid Consulting
  • Portland Public Schools
  • Skyward Inc.
  • Texas Education Agency
  • UPD Consulting
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction


  • Ed-Fi Alliance, Eric Jansson
  • Ed-Fi Alliance, Chris Moffatt

Ed-Fi Certification

Ed-Fi Certification allows product developers to demonstrate a product’s fidelity to our standards and guidelines, and for purchasers or users to be confident that a product conforms to the same standards.

Some of these resources are restricted. You can request access to receive login credentials.