Local Education Agencies

1.1 Introduction to Ed-Fi Technology

This short video provides a high-level overview of the Ed-Fi Alliance and Ed-Fi technology components as well as resources necessary for a successful project implementation.

1.2 Ed-Fi Technology Quick Start

This 20-minute video provides an overview of the Ed-Fi technology components, including the data standard, ODS and API, dashboards and tools.

1.3 Navigating Ed-Fi Resources & Tools

Ed-Fi is an open community with a great deal of documentation and information. In this 40-minute video, Ed-Fi Solution Architects walk you through the resources and tools available to Ed-Fi users.

Scoping and Proof of Concept
2.1 Dig in Planning Guide for Ed-Fi Projects

This 20 minute video walks through the top 10 things to consider and plan for in your Ed-Fi Project, working with technology vendors toward interoperability, and how to build support and get others on board.

2.2 Analytics Solutions for Ed-Fi

This 17-page presentation walks through Ed-Fi analytic solutions for local education agencies and districts, including links to resources to get started.

2.5 Ed-Fi Cloud-Based Deployments

This brief provides an overview of deployment options for Ed-Fi ODS/API in the Cloud.

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