Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Q&A with Tennessee’s Cliff Lloyd

We decided to interview Cliff Lloyd, CIO of the Tennessee Department of Education (TNDOE), about his state's involvement with the development of Ed-Fi technology. Here are a few of the valuable insights and experiences that Cliff shared with us about the development process, contributions to the community, and the future implications of this work.

Moving from Principles to Practice

Practical Approaches that Advance Data Use AND Amp Up Privacy Protections Ensuring the privacy of student data continues to be a major concern for the education sector and particularly for the education technology community we are a part of. … Read More

The Force Awakens: Trust the New Ed-Fi Data Standard, You Must

Guest Blogger: Eric Wong, VP of Engineering, Ellevation The engineer simply couldn’t take any more. Throwing up her hands and pushing back from her IKEA desk with a clearly audible sigh of frustration, she stalked off to the coffee machine for the third (or was it fourth?) refill of her beloved Chewbacca mug.… Read More

Clearing a Path to Success

Big or small, technology improvements and input to the Ed-Fi Data Standard that benefit the Ed-Fi Community are adding up to have a significant effect on the education sector.… Read More

2 Ways to Cut Data Integration Costs While Supporting Personalized Learning

Former Assistant Director of Innovation Services at Santa Ana Unified School District discusses challenges supporting personalized learning as teachers chose a variety of specialized software to meet their specific teaching or student learning style and ways to cut data integration costs in the process.

A Solution for Data Interoperability: Skyward on Ed-Fi Technology

As an administrative software company serving the education sector, Skyward recognizes the need for broad-scope frameworks to standardize the collection, transmission and use of a mountain of data. The Ed-Fi Alliance provides a solution to that problem in the form of its Ed-Fi Data Standard and technology components. For educational technology vendors, now is the time to get involved with the Ed-Fi Community.

2014 Achievements Add Up to an Exciting Year Ahead

In the world of US public education, 2014 was marked by miscellaneous controversies, flame-outs, and debates. The year kicked off with the demise of inBloom, sustained an ongoing conversation about student data privacy and standardized testing, and culminated in a lather of concern about Common Core State Standards.… Read More

4 Ways that Collaboration can Simplify Educator Access to Data on their Students

We asked Holly Glover, Director of Data Use and Privacy at Arkansas Department of Education and a former classroom teacher, to comment ways that state collaboration on the new Ed-Fi Dashboards 1.3 has helped Arkansas deliver simplified educator access to valuable data on their students. This is what she had to say:

A Sneak Peek at a New Era

This technical preview gives you an early-stage look at innovative field-based work that puts the power of transactional data processing to work for educators, families and students.