Clearing a Path to Success

Big or small, technology improvements and input to the Ed-Fi Data Standard that benefit the Ed-Fi Community are adding up to have a significant effect on the education sector.… Read More

2 Ways to Cut Data Integration Costs While Supporting Personalized Learning

Former Assistant Director of Innovation Services at Santa Ana Unified School District discusses challenges supporting personalized learning as teachers chose a variety of specialized software to meet their specific teaching or student learning style and ways to cut data integration costs in the process.

A Solution for Data Interoperability: Skyward on Ed-Fi Technology

As an administrative software company serving the education sector, Skyward recognizes the need for broad-scope frameworks to standardize the collection, transmission and use of a mountain of data. The Ed-Fi Alliance provides a solution to that problem in the form of its Ed-Fi Data Standard and technology components. For educational technology vendors, now is the time to get involved with the Ed-Fi Community.

2014 Achievements Add Up to an Exciting Year Ahead

In the world of US public education, 2014 was marked by miscellaneous controversies, flame-outs, and debates. The year kicked off with the demise of inBloom, sustained an ongoing conversation about student data privacy and standardized testing, and culminated in a lather of concern about Common Core State Standards.… Read More

A Sneak Peek at a New Era

This technical preview gives you an early-stage look at innovative field-based work that puts the power of transactional data processing to work for educators, families and students.