The Ed-Fi Alliance community is made up of leaders in the education space—including educators, administrators, education technology leaders, and developers. The Ed-Fi Alliance community regularly contributes feedback to the Ed-Fi Data Standard and technology suite ensuring it meets the needs of the people who are using it. This collaboration with the community is the hallmark of our work and drives the success of the organization.

The Ed-Fi Alliance Community Leadership

The leaders who comprise the Ed-Fi Alliance’s community are clear about the needs of their schools, districts, states, and companies, and therefore the decisions they make drive effective data solutions. Our community leaders are involved in solution-based working groups focused on making a meaningful difference to educators.

The following and individuals and organizations are currently spearheading our advisory groups—conducting research, sharing knowledge, and contributing to key community-led decisions:

Governance Advisory Committee

GAT serves as a coordinating board across the governance structure ensuring community voice in strategic leadership 

  • Debbie Dailey, Indiana Department of Education  
  • Ed Dedic, PowerSchool 
  • Rosh Dhanawade, Education Analytics  
  • Ted Dwyer, Pittsburgh Public Schools  
  • Dean Folkers, Council of Chief State School Officers  
  • Jerry Lashley, Region 4 and Texas Education Exchange  
  • Chantel Monahan, Metropolitan School District of Steuben County 
  • James O’Meara, TAM International  
  • Adrian Peoples, Delaware Department of Education 
  • Kirk Prybil, ACT 
  • Dan Ralyea, South Carolina DOE 
  • Jennifer Sauro, Infinite Campus 
  • Molly Stweart, University of Indiana, INsite  
  • Seth Winerman, Curriculum Associates 
  • Maureen Wentworth, Ed-Fi Alliance (GAT Chair) 

Technical Advisory Group

TAG is designed to assist with concerns across the data standard and technology suite, to ensure community needs are met.

  • Matt Hoffman, Aeries Software
  •  Adam Luskin, Curriculum Associates
  • Jean-Francois Guertin, EdGraph
  • Rosh Dhanawade, Education Analytics
  • Ron Peasha, Infinite Campus
  • John Parker, Innive, Inc.
  • Don Dailey, Keen Logic
  • Dirk Bradley, Michigan Data Hub
  • Joshua Impson, Resultant
  • Josh Bergman, Skyward Inc
  • Wyatt Cothran, South Carolina Department of Education
  • Jay Lindler, South Carolina District Data Governance
  • Tanisha Jones, Texas Education Agency
  • Katie Favara, Texas Education Exchange
  • Robert Nield, Unicon
  • Stephen Fuqua, Ed-Fi Alliance (TAG Chair)