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Education Technology Vendors

Ready, Set, Roster

Eliminate data gaps and human error by provisioning roster information directly from source systems.

Manual Rostering Is Lose-Lose

Roster data is critical to most education technology solutions. But when school districts and state agencies have to manually extract and share their roster data via spreadsheets, the process is fraught with inefficiencies and human error. It’s not only less effective for your technology, it’s also time-consuming and frustrating for your customers.

EdTech Products in U.S. School Districts

According to LearnPlatform, school districts use more than 6,700 education technologies, many of which require roster data.

School Districts Use Ed-Fi

Almost 12,000 school districts across 32 states have adopted the Ed-Fi Data Standard.

States With Districts Who Use Ed-Fi

Thousands of school districts across 32 U.S. states have adopted the Ed-Fi Data Standard.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Using Ed-Fi’s technology, you can differentiate your product offerings with improved efficiency, increased integration across multiple systems, and greater customer satisfaction by accessing roster information directly from source systems using Ed-Fi’s API and tools.

Common Questions Before You Get Started

Get Started with the Roster API

Our Solution Guides are designed to help ed-tech vendors identify the data needed to meet their customers’ requirements.

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The Rostering Solution Guide includes a demonstration guide, a quick start guide, and a developer guide that provide examples for developers to get acclimated with the Ed-Fi API quickly.

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Sean Casey

Director, Vendor Partnerships