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Educator Prep Programs

Quality Educator Preparation Through Connected Data

Ed-Fi supports Educator Prep Programs in their quest to build broad interoperability - using integrated data to answer essential questions about their program. Ensuring that early career teachers are entering the classroom fully equipped to effectively support their students.

Why Ed-Fi?

Data interoperability–the seamless and secure transfer of data across applications– allows Education Preparation Programs (EPP) the ability to turn high-quality, timely, reliable data into actionable information. Valuable insights taken from systems like Student Information Systems, assessments, clinical observations, and perception surveys can reveal not only what makes quality teachers; but how best to track applicants, their growth, and their retention in pre-service and in-service experiences.

Connected Data

The centralization of data from several sources allows stakeholders to actively support teacher candidates through the teacher pipeline.

Visualize the Data

When data flows seamlessly and securely across applications it’s easy for stakeholders to analyze multiple sources of data to support a teacher candidate’s growth throughout the program.

Engage in a Process of Continuous Improvement

Increase the use of data by faculty and staff to conduct research and think strategically about data use for informed program improvement and allow for evaluation of initiatives aimed at improving the teacher pipeline.

Patricia Alvarez McHatton, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Student Success, and P-16 Integration • University of Texas — Rio Grande Valley

"This is a game changer for our program! We can use strong data and move away from anecdotal information. We can assess the quality of our graduates and the rigor of our work. There will be no more excuses; we’ll have the data necessary to accurately inform program improvements and ensure program quality."

Ed-Fi Can Help Solve Your Toughest Challenges

It may not seem like connecting data sources could yield immediate results for some of the biggest challenges you are facing – but it can. It’s our mission is to show you how and help you get there. 

Tackle Program Diversity and Persistence

Meaningfully increasing the diversity of the teacher workforce, requires the examination of blockers that occur during the teacher pipeline.

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Clinical Experience and Performance

Teacher candidate field experience and performance data provides a lens to guide improvements for effective support and preparation of candidates.

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