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State Education Agencies

Build Capacity To Support Better Outcomes For All Students

Connected data sources can unlock powerful insights for your state’s teachers and learners. For State Education Agencies, Ed-Fi is the key to modernized IT architecture, creating accurate data collection practices that lead to streamlined reporting.

Modern, Secure and Accurate Data Architecture

Adopted by over half of states in the nation, Ed-Fi can help you build an agile and modernized IT architecture, streamline reporting processes and create a foundation that can help states better serve their districts.

Create a Culture of Data

States are tasked with a myriad of responsibilities when it comes to the collection and reporting of data. Ed-Fi helps to move beyond collection to creation of practices that use data to improve student outcomes. States can now become service providers for their districts, moving from data collectors to data enablers and using data in meaningful ways beyond reporting.

Increase Data Quality and Accuracy

When you make decisions based on solid, accurate – instead of reviewing historical reports cobbled together weeks, or months later – you can be confident that your data is telling an accurate picture of trends, flag issues faster and take action earlier, making it easier for educators in your state to support students.

Simplify State and Federal Reporting

While data collection for reporting is operationally critical, it is time-consuming and fraught with inefficiency. By streamlining all of the data coming from districts across tools, and systems, you can save valuable resources and better understand your data to support student achievement.

Satish Pattisapu

CIO • Arizona Department of Education

"There were so many enhancements and processes we could achieve because of the standardization that we brought in in partnership with Ed-Fi. It used to take several days to do a day’s worth of data processing, which we can currently achieve in less than four hours every single day."

Kurt Kiefer

Assistant State Superintendent for the Division of Libraries and Technology • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

"Collecting critical information at the state level allows us to scale the process and create efficiencies in that collection while simultaneously improving the overall quality of the data. We need not tackle this district by district. Instead, we can create easily managed systems to gather this data across all districts at once."

Ed-Fi Can Help Solve Your Toughest Challenges

It may not seem like connecting data sources could yield immediate results for some of the biggest challenges your state is facing – but it can. It’s our mission is to show you how and help you get there. First, narrow in on one of your top challenges. Focusing your effort on getting a quick win is the key to long-term success.

Modernize Your IT Infrastructure

Securely and accurately collect real-time data in a standardized and modern IT approach to increase data quality, unlock insight, and simplify reporting.

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Plug-in To CEDS

Seamlessly connect to the Common Education Data Standards to streamline federal reporting.

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