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The Ed-Fi Alliance is dedicated to boosting student achievement and teacher satisfaction by providing free and open tools that integrate and streamline your K12 data systems.

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Designed in collaboration with a vast community of educators and ed-tech professionals, all components of our technology are born of practical needs, refined against real-life use cases, and free to license. The Ed-Fi Data Standard serves as the foundation for enabling interoperability, powering applications, and supporting data visualizations across an increasing variety of secure education data systems.

States & Districts States & Districts

Ed-Fi technology brings disparate data and IT systems together in a meaningful way, freeing educators and administrators to choose the best vendor tools while maintaining local stewardship of data. The power of the Ed-Fi Community encourages agencies and vendors to collaborate on incremental technology improvements that add up to huge breakthroughs for states and districts across the country.

Vendors Vendors

The Ed-Fi Alliance is simplifying product integration for ed-tech vendors by establishing broadly adopted data standards born of practical needs. Our wide network provides an enormous market to work with – lowering costs and leveraging valuable investments that rapidly accelerate your business.

We help turn data from something you have into something you can use.