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School Districts

Address Chronic Absenteeism with Ed-Fi

Identify trends and intervene earlier with accurate, real-time attendance data.

Absences Have Long-Term Consequences

Chronic absenteeism is like compound interest. Students who are chronically absent, meaning they miss at least 15 days of school for any reason, are at serious risk of falling further and further behind academically and facing increasingly significant challenges year over year. Whether students miss critical early learning milestones like reading at grade level or instructional time during middle and high school, it greatly increases their likelihood of dropping out.

Students Are Chronically Absent

Recent national data indicates that over 7 million students missed 15 or more days of school.

More Likely to Drop Out

One year of chronic absenteeism between 8th and 12th grade results in a seven-fold increase in drop out likelihood.

Of K-1st Students are Chronically Absent

Chronically absent students are less likely to read at grade level by the third grade, increasing their risk of dropping out.

Kelly Staley

Chico Unified School District • Superintendent

"Our community has lived through catastrophic wildfires on top of the challenges associated with COVID. Understanding the physical as well as the academic, social and emotional needs of our families, continues to be a critical role for our school district. The standardization of our data has helped us to better assess and address the needs of our students, thus allowing us to get them the support they need."

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Sean Casey

Director, Vendor Partnerships