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Product Vendors and Service Providers

Certifications and Badges

Demonstrate your commitment to collaboration and adherence to the Ed-Fi Data Standard.

When education agencies implement the Ed-Fi Data Standard, they often require product vendors or service providers to show evidence of their compliance with this standard. To ensure education technology providers meet this requirement, the Ed-Fi Alliance issues certifications and badges verifying adoption of the Ed-Fi Data Standard and Technology Suite. Earning these credentials can also help you adhere to state requirements, prove your product’s ability to work with the Ed-Fi Technology Suite, promote your solutions to the fast-growing number of agencies adopting the Ed-Fi Data Standard, and respond to request for proposals (RFP) and procurement requests with confidence.

Ed-Fi Alliance Certifications

Ed-Fi Alliance certifications measure a product vendor’s interoperability with our API. These certifications are available to student information systems (SIS), assessment providers, and domain-specific product providers supporting K-12 education agencies.

All certifications are established through the Ed-Fi Alliance Community governance process and incorporate input and requirements from active community members who work for state agencies, local district agencies, and technology vendors.

Watermarked Badge-Cert SISWatermarked Badge-Assessment
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Ed-Fi Alliance Badges

Ed-Fi Alliance badges measure a service provider’s involvement with the Ed-Fi Data Standard ecosystem. These badges are available to all technology providers that have adopted and implemented Ed-Fi Data Standard APIs and Ed-Fi Technology Suite.

echnology vendors can earn recognition and verification of their Ed-Fi Data Standard-powered solutions by completing one or more of the badges listed below. Each of these badges requires at least one active Ed-Fi Data Standard implementations within a district.


Implementation Partner Badge

The Implementation Partner badge recognizes organizations that adhere to best practices when facilitating Ed-Fi Data Standard delivery.


API Consumer Badge

The API Consumer badge is awarded to products that can read data from an Ed-Fi-defined API and integrate that data into their product offerings.


Watermark Badge-API Consumer


ODS Platform Consumer Badge

The ODS Platform Consumer Badge is granted to products that interact with or use the data from the Ed-Fi Technology Suite ODS platform, but do not access data via the API.


Watermarked Bade-ODS Platform Consumer

Ed-Fi Managed ODS / API Platform Badge

The Managed ODS / API Platform Badge recognizes products that provide the Ed-Fi Technology Suite Operational Data Store and API (ODS/API) as software-as-a-service (SaaS).


Watermarked Bade-ODS/API Managed

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