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Education Technology Vendors

Certifications and Badges

Demonstrate your product's fidelity to Ed-Fi standards and guidelines with Ed-Fi certifications and badges.

State and Local Education Agencies that utilize and implement Ed-Fi are constantly looking for education technology providers that they can rely on to provide a reliable and verifiable connection to their Ed-Fi implementations.

The Ed-Fi Alliance has several ways for Education Technology Providers to showcase their adoption of the Ed-Fi Data Standard and technology suite.

Certifications and badges exist so that every type of education technology provider can adhere to necessary state requirements, provide verification of their product’s ability to utilize the Ed-Fi Technology Suite, and promote their solutions to the growing number of education agencies adopting Ed-Fi.

Ed-Fi Certifications

Ed-Fi certifications are available for Student Information Systems (SIS) and Assessment Providers that support K-12 education agencies. These certifications have been established through the Ed-Fi Governance process and have incorporated input and requirements from state agencies, local district agencies, and technology vendors that are active members of the Ed-Fi Community.

Watermarked Badge-Cert SISWatermarked Badge-Assessment
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Ed-Fi Badges

Ed-Fi badges are available to all technology providers that have adopted and implemented the Ed-Fi APIs and technology suite. Technology vendors can earn recognition and verification of their Ed-Fi powered solutions by completing one or more of the badges listed below. Each of these badges require one or more active Ed-Fi implementations within a district.


API Provider Badge

To be awarded the API Provider Badge, a product must be able to communicate with an Ed-Fi standardized API in order to provide data from the product seeking this badge to the API.


Watermark Badge-API Provider

API Consumer Badge

To be awarded the API Consumer badge, a product must be able to read data out of an Ed-Fi defined API and integrate that data into its product offering.


Watermark Badge-API Consumer


ODS Platform Consumer Badge

The ODS Platform Consumer Badge is for products that interact or use the data from the Ed-Fi ODS platform, but access is not via API.


Watermarked Bade-ODS Platform Consumer

Ed-Fi Managed ODS / API Platform Badge

The Ed-Fi Managed ODS / API Platform Badge is for products that provide the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store and API (ODS/API) as software-as-a-service (SaaS).


Watermarked Bade-ODS/API Managed


Ed-Fi Starter Kit Badges

Badges are available to technology providers that are interested in supporting Starter Kits use cases. Starter Kit Solution Guides provide the resources needed to understand and develop the necessary technical supports for your district and state partners.


Data Partner Badge

The Ed-Fi Starter Kit Data Provider badge is for products that provide the data necessary to fully populate an Ed-Fi starter kit. The product must be able to communicate with an Ed-Fi standardized API to achieve this badge.



Implementation Partner Badge

The Ed-Fi Starter Kit Implementation Partner badge is for Ed-Fi Partners that can deliver an Ed-Fi Starter Kit solution to an education agency. The solution needs to consume the data provided through the Vendor Developer Guide for a specific starter kit and must leverage the Ed-Fi API, Ed-Fi Analytics Middle Tier, or the Ed-Fi data standard to achieve this badge.


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