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Transforming the Student Transfer Process in Michigan Schools

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Harnessing Data to Improve College and Career Readiness in San Diego County

Charters & Collaboratives, Districts, States

Region 10: Leveraging Real-time Data to Improve Student Outcomes

“It provides the insight to know where our students are being successful and not and allowing us to see the gaps our students are experiencing to fill.”

Grand Prairie ISD
Dallas County

Charters & Collaboratives, Districts, States

WISEdata: From Broken Budgets to Real-Time Reconciliation

Charters & Collaboratives, Districts

Intrinsic Schools: A Student Data Cinderella Story

“We knew there had to be a better way to streamline Intrinsic’s data management process. We were spending a lot of time getting the data into the system, rather than using it to gain the valuable insights needed to help our students succeed.”

– Saybah-Katrina Russ
Director of Data
Intrinsic Schools

Boston Public Schools: Centralizing Systems With Ed-Fi

“Ed-Fi helps us solve the challenges we’re facing with data by being a data standard—both as a data transfer tool, as well as a data persistence tool. In other words, a way in which we can store and hang onto data and come back to it.”

-Tim Read, Data Integration Lead
Boston Public Schools

Ed-Fi at the Heart of Delaware’s Early Warning System

The time necessary for system development was greatly reduced due to the Delaware Department of Education’s collaborative partnership with the Ed-Fi Alliance. The help provided by the Ed-Fi Alliance enabled the DDOE to implement the Early Warning System plug-in in a short timeframe and at a significantly reduced cost.”

Delaware Department of Education