The goal of the Ed-Fi Alliance is to drive national adoption of the Ed-Fi Data Standard — a common language that allows education technology systems to securely exchange data from multiple sources. The data standard empowers educators and administrators by providing a comprehensive view of all data. It enables a clear understanding of student progress, informs instructional decisions, and supports the achievement of desired learning outcomes.

What is a data standard? 

A data standard is a set of rules for collecting, managing, and organizing educational data that allows multiple systems to seamlessly and securely share actionable information.

How does a standard benefit education? 

For years, educators have had to use different systems to input and access information, and each system has its own way of storing and distributing the information (data) it receives.

By leveraging one data standard that can read various information systems, systems can speak the same language and distribute concise, easy-to-understand information. This helps educators and administrators more quickly assess and meet student needs.

What makes the Ed-Fi Data Standard different? 

The Ed-Fi Data Standard is a community-driven, open-source standard developed by the Ed-Fi Alliance, a not-for-profit organization, in partnership with education agencies and technology providers. Anyone dedicated to empowering educators with connected data is invited to join our community — no commitments or fees required. As part of our community, you and your teams will have access to all the tools and resources necessary to ensure successful implementation, including the Ed-Fi Technology Suite and Ed-Fi Alliance Academy.

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