The Ed-Fi Alliance is an initiative of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. The Alliance unites educators and technology providers to ensure K-12 systems produce useful insights that support student success.  

Our goal is to drive national adoption of the Ed-Fi Data Standard to securely exchange information that supports educators in ensuring student success.

Ed-Fi Data Standard 

The data standard is a common language for education technology systems to securely exchange information.  

Ed-Fi Technology Suite 

The Ed-Fi Alliance technology suite maximizes the impact of the data standard and and provides a roadmap to build upon for education agencies and technology providers.

Ed-Fi Alliance Community

The Alliance’s strength lies in our open-source community of educators and technology providers, a collaboration that drives the development of the technology solutions.

Our Vision 

  • In every classroom, teachers see a full picture of each of their students in real-time. Having these insights at their fingertips saves teachers valuable time that they can spend on teaching.
  • In every school district, leaders understand how their schools, students, and teachers are performing.  
  • In every state education agency, state leaders gather district-level data reports regularly, efficiently, and accurately.  
  • For education technology providers, technology platforms all speak the same language while retaining the unique product features that make them valuable.  

Guiding Principals 


Whether it’s an organization, company, school, or state, we are stronger when we work together sharing tools and expertise to meet student and classroom needs.

Free and Open 

Every institution has different needs based on its student population, and the Ed-Fi Data Standard is free and fully open for anyone to utilize under the widely-used open-source Apache 2 license.

Continuous Improvement 

We are dedicated to continuous improvement through feedback from the community, and we are committed to improving our data standard and technology suite on an ongoing basis.