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What is Ed-Fi?

The Ed-Fi Data Standard

The Ed-Fi Data Standard is a set of rules that allow (previously disconnected) educational data systems to connect. Any educational technology that’s powered by Ed-Fi—whether a student information system, a rostering tool, assessment software, etc.—can connect with any other.

The result? A full picture view student progress in a common format that can then be turned into insights.

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Ed-Fi Technology

Your data is all connected–now what? Now you use it.

Ed-Fi powers a growing number of tools that make your newly-integrated data actionable. Teachers use data driven insights to deliver personalized learning. Superintendents use consolidated data to make informed decisions. And state agencies use reports to allocate resources and craft evidence-based policies.

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The Ed-Fi Alliance

The Ed-Fi Alliance is a community of educators, technologists, and leaders committed to ensuring that every teacher, school district, and state agency can see, secure, and use their data—regardless of what platform it’s built on. Our Community’s guidance and innovative spark keep Ed-Fi growing and improving.

These are the people redefining what’s possible with educational technology.

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The Foundation

Ed-Fi is a nonprofit organization fully funded by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. Our mission is to empower educators with comprehensive data that is secure, accurate, and actionable. The Foundation’s generous endowment ensures that Ed-Fi will remain the standard for education data integration for decades to come.

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Data that works across all platforms

The first step to integrating multiple data systems is standardization—the technical term for making sure every app and piece of software records data in the same way. By establishing a practical, flexible set of rules for how student information should be recorded and stored, the Ed-Fi Data Standard allows a school’s myriad systems to finally speak the same “language”.

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A full picture of student progress

Ed-Fi allows schools to pull in data from many different systems, so that a true, real time and complete picture of your student surfaces enabling educators to do what they do best, support student success all along the way.

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