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School Districts

Data Can Be Your District’s Most Valuable Resource

Data has the power to solve a school’s toughest challenges – but first, it has to be usable. Adopting a data standard like Ed-Fi helps you organize, secure, and connect student data across your district.

Why Ed-Fi?

When a school district’s software and systems work together and speak the same language, their value skyrockets. Educators can better serve their students and districts save time and money. Ed-Fi enables data systems from education agencies and technology providers to seamlessly connect in a single, secure place. This gives district leaders access to a complete and real-time view of their students and schools, so they can use data to make faster, more informed decisions.

  • Bring Students into Full View

    By uniting all of the information about a student from across apps, tools, and systems, you can equip your district with actionable, student-level insights that disconnected data sources can’t provide.

  • Identify Patterns Throughout Your District

    Removing the walls between your technology systems allows you to connect the dots and spot trends across the district, among schools, and within student populations.

  • Use Real-Time Information

    When you make decisions based on live, real-time data – instead of reviewing historical reports days, weeks, or months later – you can flag issues faster and take action earlier.

  • Gain Control of Your Data

    No third party should hold a school district’s data captive. When your data sources are connected, you’re not tied to separate portals, canned reports, or spreadsheets.

Matt Houston

IT Manager • Volusia County Schools

"When your district is smoothly rolling, looking at data, your teachers have access to everything immediately at their fingertips… it’s invaluable."

Tim Reed

Data Integration Lead • Boston Public Schools

"Ed-Fi helps us solve the challenges we’re facing with data by being a data standard—both as a data transfer tool, as well as a data persistence tool. In other words, a way in which we can store and hang onto data and come back to it.”"

Josh Klein

Former CIO • Portland Public Schools

"There’s a lot of good work happening, but it’s in pockets and silos and not being shared enough … We want all our tools talking to each other, so there’s this collective intelligence."

Ed-Fi Can Help Solve Your Toughest Challenges

It may not seem like connecting data sources could yield immediate results for some of the biggest challenges districts face – but it can. It’s our mission is to show you how and help you get there. First, narrow in on one of your top pain points. Focusing your effort on getting a quick win is the key to long-term success.

Address Chronic Absenteeism

Help students sooner with up-to-date and accurate attendance data.

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Strengthen Family Engagement

Connect family to the information and insights they need about their students.

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Harness the Power of Assessment Data

Unite assessment data from across sources, semesters, and more in one view.

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Ensure Equitable Access For Students

Understand, analyze and take supportive actions with data to uncover gaps in students’ access and participation in your school’s educational offerings.

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Support College, Career, Military Readiness

Helping students get where they want to go after high school is critically important to your community. Connecting students with the right next opportunity starts with connected data.  

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