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Tackle your biggest data challenges by joining Ed-Fi's EPP Starter Kit Cohort

Join the EPP Cohort

The Ed-Fi Alliance is offering selected EPPs support to harness the power of their data systems through our EPP Starter Kit Cohort

We are looking for EPPs who are interested in utilizing connected data to provide insights about these essential aspects of their program:

Program Diversity and Persistence

Recruiting and retaining teacher candidates is a pervasive problem across all teacher categories and is even more pronounced for diverse teachers. Without connected data, it is harder to see where candidates fall off in the pipeline. Learn more.

Clinical Experience and Performance

Access to connected data provides programs with a lens into candidates’ development and readiness to teach, and it informs improvements in candidate support and preparation. Learn more.

The Benefits of the EPP Cohort

  • Learn how to deploy an easy-to-use and proven development process to access the data you have and use it more effectively.
  • Receive access to expert technical advisors, topical sessions, and resources to strengthen your work—all at no cost to your program.
  • Learn to connect your data systems and implement Power BI-based dashboard(s) to inform your program improvement efforts.


Educator Prep Programs (EPPs) are struggling to keep up with enormous amounts of data. Different data sets are siloed, further exacerbating the issue, making them hard to use and even harder to analyze and take action on.

With the Ed-Fi Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting data in Education, you can harness the power of data to gain insight about essential aspects of your program including Program Diversity and Persistence and Clinical Experience and Performance.

But you don’t have to do it alone. You’re invited to join other innovative EPPs for an 8 week cohort to implement one of Ed-Fi’s EPP Starter Kits, free step-by-step guides for connecting your data, helpful for technical and non-technical audiences alike.

Learn more about how Ed-Fi's EPP Starter Kits help programs like yours through connected data

To get started, sign up to join us for an informational webinar on March 10th from 1:00 - 2:00 PM CST!

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