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Ed-Fi securely and seamlessly connects education data systems. With Ed-Fi, you'll have a complete, real-time view of every student.

How Ed-Fi can help

School Districts & Teachers

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Get real-time insights based on data. Solve challenges of student assessment, attendance, college readiness, and more. Read more about School Districts & Teachers »

State Education Agencies

Securely compile reports from all districts. Know precisely what's happening with your students and schools. Read more about State Education Agencies »

Education Technology Vendors

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Aligning your products with Ed-Fi technology is easy and will expand your customer base. Read more about Education Technology Vendors »

Teacher Prep Programs

Ed-Fi allows you to see if—and how—your curriculum eventually produces improvements in classroom teaching. Read more about Teacher Prep Programs »

The Ed-Fi Community is developing an ever-growing set of tools that make use of student data in new, practical, and transformative ways.

Our Impact

Featured Success Story

Dallas Promise: Leveraging Ed-Fi Technology for College & Career Readiness

Guest-Authored By Eric Ban, Managing Director, Dallas County Promise Many cities and counties across the nation can relate to the… Read more »

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