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Connecting student data. Once. And for all.

Ed-Fi securely and seamlessly connects education data systems. With Ed-Fi, you'll have a complete, real-time view of every student.

How Ed-Fi can help

School Districts

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Gain a complete data view of every student to solve district-wide challenges of absenteeism, assessment, CCMR, and more. Read more about School Districts »

State Education Agencies

Know precisely what's happening with your students and schools with accurate, secure and streamlined data. Read more about State Education Agencies »

Educator Prep Programs

A great teacher is the number one predictor of student success, Ed-Fi helps your program leverage data to best support your teacher candidates in their journey. Read more about Educator Prep Programs »

Education Technology Vendors

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Become a critical partner in the growing interoperability movement that districts and state agencies are demanding. Read more about Education Technology Vendors »

Learning Ed-Fi is Easier Than You Think

The Ed-Fi Academy is a series of step-by-step, easy-to-understand, on-demand training courses that will equip non-technical and technical education professionals with the skills, tools, and resources necessary to successfully deploy and use the Ed-Fi Technology Suite and Data Standard.

Explore the Ed-Fi Academy

Featured Success Story

Region 10: Leveraging Real-time Data to Improve Student Outcomes

How CCMR Insights and Region 10 in Texas Employed Ed-Fi ODS to Collect Robust, Real-time Data and Deliver a Holistic View of Students’ Progress

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