Our Story

A crisis in education.

Stagnant test scores and alarming dropout rates create deep concerns about the next generation’s ability to compete in a global economy. Across the nation, state agencies and local school districts are determined to reverse the trends — but they need help.

A collective response.

Ed-Fi technology brings together a vast community of education IT leaders and technology solution partners for the purpose of unlocking untapped, valuable data to improve student achievement and education. The result is the community-driven Ed-Fi Data Standard and Implementation Suite, an efficient, proven and easy-to-use array of tools that turn data from something schools have into something they can use.

A common language for all data.

The Ed-Fi Data Standard is the leading FREE educational data standard that builds a secure bridge between disparate data systems, empowering state agencies, districts and educators with up-to-date, actionable insights so they can better understand the individual needs of every student in their classroom.

A framework for success.

Community-driven technology from the Ed-Fi Alliance unifies data without disrupting existing systems, processes or data-reporting flows. Have the freedom to choose the tools and applications best-suited to serve the needs of your schools, teachers and students. Easy access to the information you need through customizable, browser-based dashboards allows you to make more informed decisions and more quickly. At the end of the day, your apps and systems just work, and nothing stands between you and a crystal-clear view of every student.

An investment in students.

By 2016, the Ed-Fi Alliance’s goal is to have 75 percent of U.S. teachers and children poised to benefit from one data standard. Together – as a community – we’re building the power for every student to succeed.

Create your own success by licensing our free technology today.