The Ed-Fi Alliance is a nonprofit devoted to helping every school district and state achieve data interoperability. By connecting educational data systems, we empower educators with comprehensive, real-time insights into their students’ performance and needs. 

The Ed-Fi Data Standard—supported by additional technologies and our vibrant community—empowers school districts and states to better serve teachers and students, and education technology providers to better serve their customers. 

Empowering Educators with Data from Ed-Fi Alliance on Vimeo.

“Ed-Fi as a data standard is an amazing concept. It’s a game-changer in terms of having data flow between different applications, allowing those closest to students to pick the products that are best for them.”

-Monica Hogan, Director of Analytics, Boston Public Schools

We are a nonprofit organization. 

Ed-Fi is on a mission to transform education through data interoperability. As such, we provide our data standard and technologies free of charge and with a host of free resources to support implementations.

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We are a community of educators, technologists, and data advocates. 

The people and groups that shape our technologies are the same people and groups we aim to serve. Our governance structure ensures that our data standard and technology suite are highly informed by community members and stakeholders across the education sector. 

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We offer the most robust, secure, and sophisticated way of standardizing data. 

Since our founding in 2012, the Ed-Fi Alliance has been laser-focused on creating the finest, most secure, community-defined data standard and interoperability APIs available. The code may be complex, but the aim is simple—make student data usable and safe. 

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