Did you know that the Ed-Fi Alliance publishes a technical roadmap each year? The roadmap provides a detailed view of planned releases for each of the Ed-Fi technology tools. Our goal is to put the Ed-Fi Community front and center in all of our work, and tools like the technical roadmap help provide another level of clarity on future plans and serves as an important planning resource for community members.

Here are a few important things to know about the Ed-Fi Technology Roadmap:

  1. The roadmap is published annually and updated quarterly (next update is early April). This schedule allows our users to plan for new releases, betas, and core code changes.
  2. We have organized each technology update into swim lanes for easy access: Data Standard, ODS/API, Dashboards, Tools and Tech Community.
  3. If you click into any of the items on the roadmap, you can see detailed information about the proposed update and features.
  4. We provide a detailed change log so you can see exactly what has changed from the previous roadmap.

The Ed-Fi Technology Roadmap is a guide that addresses important community needs and releases to help meet those needs. The roadmap is subject to change as market conditions shift, and in response to resource and execution demands.

Your feedback is critical to the roadmap process. Any community member can access the roadmap, but you will need to request access if you are new. We look forward to hearing from you!

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