As we prepare to launch the next Technical Advisory Group (or “TAG” for short) we want to take a moment to thank those organizations and individuals who have generously given their time and expertise to providing guidance for the Ed-Fi open source technology and standards.

The 2020-21 TAG was unique in several respects. Due to the pandemic, we were never able to meet in person at the Ed-Fi Technical Congress or the Ed-Fi Summit, as the TAG has done each year since it was formed. 

What is remarkable however is that the 2020-21 TAG met more times and went deeper into technical issues than any previous TAGs. This year’s TAG covered issues such as

  • the roadmap for multi-instance and multi-tenant architectures
  • stabilizing and improving API integrations from product vendors
  • performance and design of large-scale data transfer mechanisms
  • the roadmap for the data import
  • review of the validations API design and data quality efforts generally

…among other topics (below we provide some links to meeting notes if you like to see the details).

So thanks to the TAG member organizations and their primary TAG representatives:

  • Arizona Department of Education – Britto Augustine
  • Instructure – Jim McKay
  • Education Analytics – Andrew Rice
  • EdWire – Jean-Francois Guertin
  • Georgia Department of Education – Eshwar Kedari
  • Greenville County Schools –  Jeffrey Miller
  • Indiana University INsite  – Rosh Dhanawade
  • InnovateEDU – Patrick Yoho
  • PowerSchool Group LLC – Doug Quinton
  • San Diego County Office of Education – J. Pablo Rodriguez
  • Skyward Inc. – Josh Reimer
  • Spring Branch ISD – Troy Neal
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction – Tom Christensen

Many more individuals from these organizations helped out (TAG membership is by organization, and we welcome SMEs from them at attend meetings) – it is really a case of too many to thank!

The Alliance is deeply appreciative of the time and effort of these organizations and individuals. The progress of our collective mission is dependent on a strong and thoughtful community and these folks have exemplified the best of that.

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TAG Meeting notes: 2020 | 2021

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