During the EXCHANGE LIVE event we held at the end 2020, I was reminded of how amazing the Ed-Fi community is, and how the vibrant and selfless engagement of so many dedicated folks represents a real super-power in advancing our mission. It was a highlight of the challenging year. Then, as we got up and running in 2021, it became evident that we’d need to cancel the Technical Congress, for a second year, significantly undercutting our ability to connect with the technical community to exchange ideas, and ensure that our technical direction is anchored meeting community needs. 

These are just two touch points that underscore the value and benefit of engaging with our Community – there are myriad other reminders of this across our work on an ongoing basis, and we never want to take our community for granted. 

So in 2021, we are going to roll with the punches and try something different. I am excited to announce that starting Friday, April 9th, the Ed-Fi Technical Team will start hosting a weekly meet-up of the Ed-Fi Technical Community. We are calling it “In the Weeds with the Ed-Fi Tech Team”.

The format will be intentionally low key and relaxed, and we plan to keep the agenda flexible, relevant and attuned to the communities’ needs. We anticipate that the meetings will include a cross-section of topics, including:

  • Sharing information – both from the Alliance (e.g., what’s coming up on the roadmap) and highlight from implementation projects (wins, gotchas, and best practices). 
  • Discussion topics – including going in depth on gnarly problems or “looking for opinions”. 
  • Show-and-tell – provide a forum to share solutions you are developing, or get feedback for work underway

We plan to host these weekly meet-ups through the end of June, and will assess how things are going at that point.

How Do I Participate?

Join the #intheweeds Slack channel, where we will keep you informed of what is happening. Optionally, add your name and contact details to the form below, to get added to the meeting invite.

We hope you will join us!

Ed-Fi Technical Team (Chris Moffatt, Eric Jansson, Vinaya Mayya, Stephen Fuqua, Jason Hoekstra, David Clements, Steven Arnold)

In The Weeds with the Ed-Fi Tech Team

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