We’re thrilled to announce the organizations appointed to the 2018-2019 Technical Advisory Group (TAG). The TAG comprises organizations with technical expertise in Ed-Fi technology and in the technology domains critical to meeting the goals and mission of the Ed-Fi Alliance and Ed-Fi Community.

“The Technical Advisory Group plays a critical role in helping to continuously improve our technology and to drive Ed-Fi forward. It has been truly rewarding to work closely with our 2017-2018 TAG members, and I am pleased to welcome the next leaders to this important work. Both our strategic direction and our technical work is driven from direct feedback from our dedicated user community and this is exemplified in the TAG,” said Eric Jansson, a senior program director at Ed-Fi.

The TAG provides technical guidance and input on the Ed-Fi Technology Roadmap, technical artifacts, and technology decisions relating to the Ed-Fi Data Standard and Implementation Suite. To this end, the TAG meets regularly throughout the year to surface and consider technical issues and directions of high importance to the progress of Ed-Fi work in the field. Members are selected after an open application process and serve for a period of one year.

2018-2019 TAG Member Organizations

• Amazon Web Services – Tarun Verma
• Learning Tapestry – Jon Hickam
• Pittsburgh Public Schools – Scott E. Gutowski
• NWEA – Greg Petras
• Nebraska Department of Education – Abhishek Das / Suresh Cherrolu
• Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction – John Raub
• Arizona Department of Education – Britto Augustine
• Skyward Inc. – Tim Casey
• Double Line – Ben Meyers
• SchooLinks – Michael Discenza
• FLCODE/NEFEC – Sherod Keen
• Infinite Campus – Jennifer Downey

More information about the TAG—including the charter, meeting times, and notes.

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