Our core team is constantly evangelizing for Ed-Fi. We meet with education leaders across the nation to share the benefits of adopting the Ed-Fi Data Standard and Technology Suite. Typically the folks we reach out to have already heard about Ed-Fi from a colleague, listened to a presentation at a conference, or simply searched the internet for a solution to their data integration challenges.

What these technologists and education leaders are looking for are examples of districts, schools or vendors facing challenges similar to their own.

When facing a difficult problem, such as reporting issues, an overly complicated architecture, or siloed information, it is helpful to first determine if other organizations have overcome similar problems.

There is no shortage of districts, states or collaboratives that successfully tackled their most pressing IT challenges by adopting Ed-Fi technology. And to help you overcome your own challenges, we are surfacing these success stories.

We recently published case studies that detail successful Ed-Fi implementations at InnovateEdu, Michigan Data Hub, Skyward, Denver Public Schools, Portland’s school system, and Long Beach Unified School District.

If you’re a new Ed-Fi user or simply looking for a solution to your data integration challenges, these resources provide a great starting point for understanding how Ed-Fi adoption can solve common IT problems. We encourage the Ed-Fi Community share these case studies with others and join our team in becoming evangelists for Ed-Fi.

Access the case studies here.

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