As we think about 2021 it’s easy to find opportunities to celebrate the Ed-Fi Community and the impact that our work has had on students and educators.

And while it’s true that 2021 didn’t bring us back to “normal”, we found new ways to stay connected. We all got more comfortable with virtual conferences and despite an uncertain travel situation we were able to convene in-person (and virtually) at the Ed-Fi Summit. This annual event serves to inspire, reinvigorate and reconnect our diverse and growing Community.

As we close out this year, we are actively making room for change in 2022. Perhaps not dissimilar from your own organization; we are taking a close look at how we can tackle our goals more effectively in the new year. And this year, above all others, the stakes are higher. As leaders in education, we know that school communities across the nation are grappling with how to address students unfinished learning that has occurred over the past 18 months. As the new reality sets in, our work becomes even more imperative and critical. We encourage you to lean into your colleagues and friends within the Ed-Fi Community and let us lean on you all so that we can work collaboratively to solve this next big challenge in front of us.

For now, join me in the celebration of 2021 and in reviewing our collective impact and accomplishments. Check out this video summary of your work.

And because it’s the season for giving, we encourage you to give the gift of data insight! Share this video with someone you know that would love to be a part of the Ed-Fi Community.

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