As one of the first districts in the nation to implement and launch Ed-Fi-powered dashboards, Lubbock Independent School District had an opportunity to blaze a trail in providing educators with a powerful tool for improving student, campus and district success. We visited Lubbock and spoke with teachers, principals and district supervisors at the close of the 2012-2013 school year, one year after launch, to learn how the Ed-Fi solution has benefitted the students, teachers, campuses and district at-large.

We’ll be releasing a series of videos from our Lubbock visit over the coming weeks, highlighting how access to real-time student data has created meaningful differences in Lubbock ISD. The first video of the series is below.

Lubbock, like many districts across the U.S., was burdened with manual record-keeping and disconnected systems, making it almost impossible to provide accurate, meaningful student data to teachers as students progressed through school. Too often the information available to teachers depended almost entirely on the record-keeping interest and competency of the administrators in prior academic years. Today, Ed-Fi enabled dashboards make that process reliable and consistent, ensuring that data already captured in various systems is consolidated and delivered to educators so that they know what they need to know about each of their students. As one administrator noted, “teachers actually now own some of the things that only administrators owned before.”

The Ed-Fi solution seeks to make this kind of difference for millions of kids…one teacher, one class, one child at a time. Learn about this data impact in Lubbock, and let us know how data-driven education is improving student achievement in your district.

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