You might have noticed that we opened the Request for Comment (RFC) period for the recently updated Data Standard 2.1b RFC. The update builds on the Data Standard 2.0 and works to address new use cases and a number of current inconsistencies in the underlying Ed-Fi Unified Data Model (UDM). Most importantly, the update helps to move the community one step closer to an evolution.

As readers will note in the RFC’s summary narrative, this release is designed with the goal of not only limiting change and preserving continuity for current data exchanges in the ecosystem, but also addressing critical limitations that are likely to become sources of interoperability issues in the short term. The Alliance seeks any and all feedback on the direction and changes proposed in the RFC, and we highly recommend the change log as a starting point for understanding key areas of change.

We encourage you to take a moment to review the proposed changes and provide your feedback. As shown on the Ed-Fi Technical Roadmap, the final release is targeted for June 15, so we recommend reviewers provide input before June 5 if possible.

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