The Ed-Fi Alliance’s Community Awards program recognizes exceptional work and significant contributions to student outcomes using data. Since 2017, the Ed-Fi Alliance has highlighted individuals and organizations advocating for its mission to change the way education is delivered and support learners everywhere with connected, interoperable data. Past awardees are leaders in the community and represent some of the most innovative thinking and transformative impact.

This year, recognition will include a $5,000 charitable donation to a U.S. public charity in the name of each awardee.

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Click HERE to nominate a member of the Ed-Fi Community! Nominations will close on Tuesday, September 26.

The Ed-Fi Governance Advisory Team will vote on the nominees. Award recipients will be announced at the 2023 Summit on October 25.

Nomination Categories & Criteria

Ed-Fi Ambassador of the Year

This award honors a consistent commitment to the Ed-Fi Alliance Community and the benefits of interoperability. Nominees in this category are recognized advocates in the education technology sector, using data to impact teaching and learning, and leading interoperability efforts within their organization.

Ed-Fi Rookie of the Year

This award is designed to recognize our newest participants that have demonstrated their commitment to data interoperability by quickly ramping up on the technology and diving into their Ed-Fi Technology implementation and engagement with the broader community. Nominations are open to any individual or entity engaged in the Ed-Fi Alliance Community for two years or less.

Ed-Fi Innovation 

This award is designed to recognize teams who have successfully solved big education challenges and can demonstrate how they used the data to support students. Nominees in this category should have contributed to the technical work of the Ed-Fi Alliance, demonstrated a commitment to the Ed-Fi Data Standard and have demonstrated collaborative efforts to help others within the community.

Ed-Fi Community Service Award 

This award recognizes a demonstrated commitment to interoperability and the Ed-Fi Alliance Community by being a thoughtful partner and a visionary in the use of data to improve outcomes for learners. Recipients of this award will have made a significant contribution back to the community.

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