At Ed-Fi, we talk often about how collaboration can change and improve education. So many great things are brought to life when we work together.  And, we talk often about our continued focus on driving down the cost and complexity of the Ed-Fi Data Standard and related technology, an important goal for us this year we set out to further scale up and position the community for continued impact. We’re happy to now share the results of the work we’ve been doing with AWS that supports these areas and more.

Alongside the team at AWS, we have created an automated template that will allow states and districts to easily organize and store their ed-data using the Ed-Fi Data Standard and Operational Data Store (ODS) on AWS. By running Ed-Fi on the AWS Cloud, we can simplify ed-tech integration, and in turn, enable widespread adoption and move us as an industry even closer to our goal of all students and teachers benefiting from one data standard.

We’re proud of the work happening with AWS as we continue to find new ways and solutions to improve the classroom experience for teachers and students everywhere. We’re looking forward to more great things coming from this collaboration

To learn more about this partnered effort and how early adopters in our community, including Tulsa Public Schools, are already benefiting, you can read the blog post in its entirety from AWS here.

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