Since I joined the Ed-Fi Alliance as technology director in January, I’ve been busy immersing myself in the Ed-Fi tool suite, getting to know our customers, and learning about some of the implementations now underway. I’m impressed at the progress that has been made since the original launch of Ed-Fi Version 1.0 in 2011. I’ve also been thoroughly enjoying the early experience of joining a great organization with compelling mission.

Today we’re releasing Ed-Fi Version 1.1.1. This new version contains improvements and enhancements in a number of areas, but in the end it’s a minor version update. What’s exciting about this release, however, is the fact that it’s a product of lessons-learned on the ground.

The release is testament to a core tenet of the way the Ed-Fi Alliance operates: We work closely and transparently with our licensees. Many of the improvements to this latest version were contributed by Ed-Fi licensees engaged in real world implementations. Contributions from Amplify, the Arkansas Department of Education, the Colorado Department of Education, DoubleLine Partners, the Little Rock School District, the South Carolina Department of Education, the Texas Education Agency and UPD Consulting have all helped us ensure that we are delivering requested improvements that have verified by actual implementations.

As a team, we believe it’s critical that we incorporate the hard-earned lessons from real-world implementations into future versions of the Ed-Fi solution. Personally, I’m thrilled to be in the position to help steer the development of a standardized solution designed to help put the full power of education data into the hands of teachers nationwide. And in the coming months and years, I’m committed to working hard to ensure we continue to grow and foster a vibrant community around the Ed-Fi tool suite.

I invite you to join the conversation by going to:

Take a look at /tech-docs for all the details.

Chris Moffatt leads the technology initiatives at the Ed-Fi Alliance, where he is responsible for the technical vision, execution and ongoing development of the Ed-Fi standard and supporting products and technologies.


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