Adding to successful certification program, Ed-Fi expands Partner Program to include four new badges for vendors wanting to demonstrate Ed-Fi expertise 

June 9, 2020 – AUSTIN, Texas – Ed-Fi Alliance, a non-profit, dedicated to empowering a community of educators with real-time, comprehensive student data, today announced that EdGraphTM is the first vendor to receive the ODS Platform Consumer Badge. This designation demonstrates that the EdGraph platform can effectively and accurately pull data from the Ed-Fi ODS implementation for use in its core modules. State and Local Education Agencies that use EdGraph can be assured that their solution will work seamlessly with Ed-FiEdGraph’s Analytics module is a tool that helps users create secure, real-time, and comprehensive data visualizations that are used by educators and administrators to support student success. 

Ed-Fi’s Partner Program enables education technology vendors to demonstrate that their products are certified against the Ed-Fi Data Standard and Technology Suite. Ed-Fi Certifications are available for Student Information Systems and Assessment Providers. The program has now expanded to include four new badges: API Consumer, API Provider, ODS Platform Consumer, and Managed ODS API Platform. Earning a certification or badge requires that rigorous testing standards are met as well as a number of other important criteria, including transparency reporting and active user references.  

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Our entire community, both education agencies and technology providers, have been asking for a way to easily recognize which technology solutions and providers are both committed to interoperability and have passed high-quality bars. Our new badges and the existing certifications provide that answer,” said Cesare Tise, manager, strategic partnerships, Ed-Fi Alliance. “If a vendor is displaying an Ed-Fi badge or certification, education agencies can be certain that they are working with a provider that is going to help them achieve data interoperability that will ultimately benefit teaching and learning. We are thrilled that EdGraph was the first to earn an Ed-Fi badge.”  

Many products that use Ed-Fi standardized APIs or integrate natively with Ed-Fi technology tools (such as the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store and API) are forging new ground in terms of defining data integration use cases valuable to schools. Ed-Fi Badges allow product developers to demonstrate support for Ed-Fi standards and technology, particularly in areas that are not yet covered by an Ed-Fi Certification. 

EdGraph provides interoperability solutions for aggregating data from across siloed systems into a unified hub built atop an Ed-Fi ODS. EdGraph’s Analytics module includes a proprietary data warehouse and semantic model, which allows for powerful longitudinal analytics on all data domains at a school district. This promotes adaptive learning, near-real-time tracking of intervention effectiveness, visibility into disproportionality amongst student groups, and virtually limitless ability to support student success across the district. 

“We have long been committed to the Ed-Fi Community and interoperability. Earning the ODS Platform Consumer Badge is an additional way for us to show our customers that we are here to help them reap the full benefits of interoperability and to provide a highly useful visualization tool to present a full picture of student progress to their educators,” said Matt Adler, director of customer experienceEdGraph. “Many districts across the country are using our Analytics module to great effect. In fact, Monroe County Community School Corporation in Indiana is already successfully using this functionality to monitor disproportionality between varying student groups from a single visual dashboard that is easy to use and secure.”  

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Learn more about the Ed-Fi Partner Program here. Requirements and a registry for Ed-Fi Certifications can be found here; and for the new Ed-Fi badging program here.  


About the Ed-Fi Alliance  

The Ed-Fi Alliance is a nationwide community of leading educators, technologists, and data advocates connecting student data systems in order to transform education. A not-for-profit organization founded in 2012, by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Ed-Fi aims to boost student achievement by empowering educators with real-time, comprehensive insight into every student. 

Ed-Fi technologies streamline data management in school districts and states across 

the country. By allowing schools to integrate data previously siloed within disconnected tools and software—and organizing it through a single, secure data standard —Ed-Fi solves one of the country’s most perplexing educational challenges: how to get a complete, accurate view of individual student achievement, so that every student can receive the support they need when they need it most.  

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