The Ed-Fi Validation Tool is a free online application that can be used during the technical development of Ed-Fi based systems. Since release, the tool has helped users streamline the testing process by verifying exchanges are working correctly and ensuring they are consistently sharing accurate data. This means projects can be ready for production in less time, with less risk, and with fewer resources. To date, More than 80 users have registered for the tool and executed more than 800 tests! We are thrilled that the Ed-Fi community is embracing the validation tool to help ensure quality and save time and resources. In response to user feedback and real world use cases, the Ed-Fi Alliance has released Ed-Fi Validation Tool 1.1 with improvements in three primary areas:

  1. Enhanced performance and scalability – Provides peace of mind that tests will run successfully regardless of size or complexity
  2. Increased support for larger file sizes up to 150 MB – Gives users the flexibility to test implementations that reflect real world applications
  3. Improved usability – Simplifies the testing experience, making the process of getting to results faster and more intuitive

We are proud to help the community maintain the highest quality implementations possible through this release of the Ed-Fi Validation Tool. Login to the tool now to take advantage of these new enhancements!

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