Join us in congratulating Infinite Campus, one of the trusted names in student information, for completing the certification process on the Ed-Fi Data Standard. For more than 20 years, Infinite Campus has tailored and implemented its solutions for customers of all sizes, from school districts and regional consortia, to state departments and the federal government. It brings a unique combination of powerful product and reliable customer service and support to the Ed-Fi Community.

Infinite Campus’ certification continues the positive momentum our industry has been experiencing as we continue towards the future of how we manage and use education data to better support our educators and students across the nation. By certifying on the data standard, Infinite Campus is demonstrating a commitment to and actively advocating for teacher choice by putting the power into the hands of educators.

We’re proud to have Infinite Campus join the growing community of SIS vendors certifying on the Ed-Fi Data Standard and helping give our educators the additional clarity data can provide in order to enhance classroom learning!

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