Ed-Fi Partners with Google Cloud and Innive to Deliver Open-Source, Cloud-Native and Simple to Use Ed-Fi Technology in .NET Core

December 2, 2020 – AUSTIN, Texas – Ed-Fi Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering a community of educators with real-time, comprehensive student data, today announced that with the help of teams from Innive, Inc. and Google Cloud, the conversion of the Ed-Fi ODS/API to .NET Core has been completed and is widely available for use

This critical update will enable state and local education agencies of any size, with any budget, and varied in-house technical expertise to easily stand up an Ed-Fi implementation on their choice of deployment environment – including on-premise or various cloud platforms – in a matter of minutes, using the Docker images available on Docker Hub. The Docker images bundle everything that is needed to deploy the Ed-Fi ODS/API (databases, application, required libraries etc.) for easy and fast deployments. Ultimately, this will allow more school districts and states to take advantage of the benefits of connected data and interoperability to support students and teachers.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide this important update to the Ed-Fi Community and it would not have happened without the technical leadership and resources from our partners at Innive, Inc and Google Cloud,” said Chris Moffatt, vice president, Technology, Ed-Fi Alliance. “This development highlights and underscores the strength of our community, our open source collaborations, and the investment of our partners in our work. But most importantly, this demonstrates the will of our entire community to bring the power of connected data to every school district and state across our country.”

“Providing Ed-Fi on the Google Cloud will provide a fast and cost-effective method for school districts to achieve data interoperability, reduce operational costs, and integrate data to support student learning and growth,” said John Parker, vice president, Data Strategy & Research, Innive Inc. “Using Ed-Fi to integrate additional data from ed tech products like Google Classroom and Google Workspace will be a game-changer for schools trying to address student engagement and learning in today’s environment.”

Converting the Ed-Fi ODS/API source code to .NET Core and further providing Docker deployments of PostgreSQL backed Ed-Fi ODS/API in Linux containers allows the community to achieve more scalable and cost-effective open source deployments and opens the door for full-scale orchestration using Kubernetes to achieve automated deployment, scaling, and management of the Ed-Fi ODS/API in the future. Collaboration with Google Cloud has allowed Ed-Fi to scale up as an open-source community for timely delivery of this highly sought update.


About Innive

Innive offers purposeful Data and Analytics solutions to improve student outcomes, gain operational efficiencies and meet compliance. We solve problems leveraging insights for your data and core business processes. Our services bring the best people, business practices and platforms together for the most comprehensive and secure solution. Data & Analytics continues to be a significant driving force behind Innive overall and our Education offerings in particular. To keep pace with Education and Public sector change, we can help you innovate, transform and work smarter, to enhance services, improve outcomes and achieve much more.

About Google Cloud

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About Ed-Fi Alliance 

The Ed-Fi Alliance is a nationwide community of leading educators, technologists, and data advocates connecting student data systems in order to transform education. A not-for-profit organization founded in 2012, by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Ed-Fi aims to boost student achievement by empowering educators with real-time, comprehensive insight into every student. 

Ed-Fi technologies streamline data management in school districts and states across the country. By allowing schools to integrate data previously siloed within disconnected tools and software—and organizing it through a single, secure data standard —Ed-Fi solves one of the country’s most perplexing educational challenges: how to get a complete, accurate view of individual student achievement, so that every student can receive the support they need when they need it most.


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