We are looking forward to having the Ed-Fi Community engage in our Tech Congress 2022 coming soon to San Diego on April 6-8, 2022. Registration is open both for in-person and virtual attendance, so be sure to reserve your spot at the event to take part this spring.

It’s been two years since we’ve done a Tech Congress. As we head into 2022, and with new (somewhat normal) conditions, we are accommodating both in-person and virtual attendance to match travel preferences and requirements. We are excited to have our Ed-Fi Community, of all skill levels and interests, from all the people that serve its mission, to join us at Tech Congress to advance the many active topics and concerns for this year. Read more below to find out some of the topics that will be covered in this year’s Tech Congress.

New To Ed-Fi?

We launched the Ed-Fi Academy last year as a comprehensive set of training courses to provide material to support your Ed-Fi journey wherever it may be. With the on-demand training courses, Ed-Fi Academy helps equip both non-technical and technical education professionals with the skills, tools, and resources necessary to successfully deploy and use the Ed-Fi Technology Suite and Data Standard.

For Tech Congress, we will have a number of sessions to learn more about how Ed-Fi Academy can help with connecting your education data and particularly for those new to Ed-Fi, how to get started with interoperability. As a little sneak peek, you will learn about what is Ed-Fi, how its Data Standard and Technology Suite that enables seamless data interoperability (connecting of education data systems) to empower teachers to have a complete real-time view on every student.

Continuing to Set the Direction of Ed-Fi

For those of you active in implementations and continuing to drive the direction of Ed-Fi Data Standard and Technology, we have forums, discussions, and networking events to continue the good work you’ve been doing to help connect education data. You spoke and we listened. As we heard from our Community about what they want to hear and learn more about, we have topics that will cover:

· A validation API

· The transition from multiyear to single year

· Community data out strategies

· Data collisions between local and state needs

· Managed service provider interest group

· And a lot more in store for the Tech Congress!

We look forward to seeing you at Tech Congress. Reserve your spot at the event by registering today! Whether virtual or in-person, we are beyond excited for the conversations and engagement ahead from our Community.

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