First in Category to Demonstrate Adherence to Ed-Fi’s Rigorous Standards

Munetrix has become the first vendor of its kind to earn the prestigious Ed-Fi “Consumer Badge” in the category of Data Consumption. This badge is awarded to solution providers that have developed a robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that adheres to Ed-Fi’s rigorous quality, availability, and transparency standards.

Ed-Fi Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering a community of educators with real-time, comprehensive student data, has developed a set of rules for the collection, management and organization of educational data that allows multiple systems to share their information in a seamless, actionable way. The earned designation shows Munetrix’s adherence to the Ed-Fi Data Standard and supports “interoperability.”

“The importance of this achievement cannot be overstated,” said Cesare Tise, manager, strategic partnerships, Ed-Fi Alliance. “We know that school districts and states that implement a modern data management infrastructure based on interoperability standards are better able to serve their educators, students and parents, especially at this critical time. Now, a district or state of any size, any budget, any expertise level can reap the benefits of connected data to support the educators and students they serve. By being the first to earn this badge in its category, Munetrix has paved the way for the districts and schools they serve, such as those in the MiDataHub, to deliver better data in much more accessible and leverageable ways.”

About Interoperability

A data standard defines rules for how data should be formatted and exchanged between systems. Typically, every piece of educational technology has used its own “language” for storing and managing data. One tool’s language was different from the next’s—making integration nearly impossible. The student information system couldn’t talk to the learning management system, which couldn’t talk to the assessment software, and so on.

Drawing from a team of educators in 36 states and districts nationwide as well as technologists (known as the Ed-Fi Alliance), Ed-Fi has crafted the premier data standard for K-12 school districts and state agencies. It’s been used by real educators and tested by real schools. Ed-Fi seamlessly connects education data systems to have a complete, real-time view of every student in new, practical and transformative ways.

“Receiving this badge is gratifying reward to the hard work we’ve done as a company and in cooperation with the educators we serve,” said Buzz Brown, vice president of customer engagement and chief data officer with Munetrix. “Our mission has long been to make data accessible, actionable, holistic, and easy for anyone to use and understand. By making our system communicate seamlessly across platforms, we are achieving the interoperability that Ed-Fi sets the standard for.”

About Munetrix

Auburn Hills, Mich.-based Munetrix, provides schools, districts, educators and administrators cloud-based data management tools and proprietary performance management applications that range from academic achievement, budget and finance to personnel management, team collaboration and asset management solutions. In partnering with Munetrix, municipalities and school districts are able to manage their data and access cost-effective products and advisory services to make meaningful and reliable budgets, financial projections, trend reports and better-informed forward-looking decisions. Learn more at

About the Ed-Fi Alliance

The Ed-Fi Alliance is a nationwide community of leading educators, technologists, and data advocates connecting student data systems in order to transform education. A not-for-profit organization founded in 2012, by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Ed-Fi aims to boost student achievement by empowering educators with real-time, comprehensive insight into every student.

Ed-Fi technologies streamline data management in school districts and states across the country. By allowing schools to integrate data previously siloed within disconnected tools and software—and organizing it through a single, secure data standard —Ed-Fi solves one of the country’s most perplexing educational challenges: how to get a complete, accurate view of individual student achievement, so that every student can receive the support they need when they need it most.

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