Proposed Agenda posted here.

In the spirit of continued community building, collaboration and problem-solving, the Ed-Fi Alliance will host its first annual Ed-Fi Technical Congress April 18-19 in Austin, Texas. This gathering offers a chance for technical community members to come together and dive deep into Ed-Fi technology and roadmap.

The Technical Congress addresses a couple of important topics.

First, it will allow leading members of the technical community, especially education agencies, to review upcoming changes and provide feedback before those changes are finalized. Agency data management cycles often call for well-defined data interfaces late in the calendar year (for deployment in the next school year), so a spring meeting allows the community to review Ed-Fi components that are either proposed or in-flight, suggest changes in time to be actionable before the release, and to start planning local adoption earlier.

Second, we realize that an annual meeting in the fall (Ed-Fi Summit) does not provide sufficient “bandwidth” for the technical community to engage in deep technical discussions necessary to shape the Ed-Fi technology roadmap. The Technical Congress will facilitate these discussions and positively impact future technology directions.

The full agenda is currently being finalized, so be sure to check back for updates as they become available, though conversation topics and sessions will cover such areas as:

  • Proposed changes to the Data Standard (Data Standard 2.1 RFC)
  • ODS updates and migration – new extension system and architecture; data migration tools and supports; other changes that may impact field work
  • Temporal ODS progress and field readiness
  • Ed-Fi Dashboards
  • Partner Program activities

Stay tuned for additional details and how to register to attend.

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