UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming response to the request for nominations from the Ed-Fi Community, the Alliance has added Partner of the Year, as an additional category to recognize the efforts, technical work and commitment to interoperability of the many technology providers and system integrators within the Ed-Fi Community. Last year we launched the first ever Community Awards, in the categories of Ambassador of the Year and Technical Contributor of the Year. These awards go to individual people or groups within the Ed-Fi Community that demonstrate an unwavering commitment to sharing the benefits of the Ed-Fi Data Standard and interoperability, both through technical contributions and by being an advocate within the larger ed tech sector.

Nominations will close on Friday, September 21 and will be voted on by the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and the Governance Advisory Team (GAT), with input from Ed-Fi staff and will be announced at the upcoming Ed-Fi Summit & Bootcamp. 

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Nomination Categories & Criteria

Partner of the Year
Nominees should be a technology provider, edtech company, or system integrator that has demonstrated a commitment to interoperability and the Ed-Fi Community by being a champion for data standards, a thoughtful partner for education agencies and a visionary in the use of data to improve outcomes for learners.

Ambassador of the Year
Nominees should have demonstrated commitment to the Ed-Fi Community and sharing the benefits of interoperability with others outside the Community. Nominees in this category are consistent advocates for the education technology sector and for using data to impact teaching and learning.

Technical Contributor of the Year
Nominees in this category should have contributed to the technical work of the Ed-Fi Alliance, demonstrated commitment to the Ed-Fi Data Standards and have demonstrated collaborative efforts to help others within the Community.

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