This month, the Ed-Fi team crisscrossed the country—visiting members of the Ed-Fi Community in Massachusetts, New York, Colorado, Tennessee, and Oregon.

These visits are critical to our shared mission. Because at each one, we learn something new, get reinvigorated for the work, and return to Austin eager to make improvements.

A quick summary of the quickest February on record:

February 8

In Massachusetts, at a school district convention led by the Center for Educational Leadership and Technology (CELT), we met leaders who are forming a multi-district collaborative to bring interoperability benefits to learners and educators at scale. Their vision was inspiring—a model for other district collaboratives around the country.

February 12-13

We met with the NYC Department of Education (check out the very cool pic of the NYC skyline from their offices, attached to this post!) and learned about their latest advancement in student assessment. We joined them on a visit to Brooklyn Labs to see data-driven, personalized learning that use systems powered by Ed-Fi. How exciting to see Ed-Fi in action in the real world!

February 20-21

We jumped across the country to Portland, Oregon, where we met with NWEA—the Northwest Evaluation Association—to get into some technical nitty gritty. We familiarized the NWEA team with the Ed-Fi Assessment API, explaining how they can seamlessly map their assessments into the Ed-Fi Data Standard.

February 23

Last week we attended the iLearn Collaborative Conference in Colorado to talk about the role of interoperable data systems in support of highly effective blended learning programs. (Kudos to June Marcel and Judy Perez from  the iLearn Collaborative for a terrific event. And great job Curtis Lee from Jeffco schools in sharing how these initiatives knit together!)

February 26

And finally, just this week, we were in Nashville, Tennessee, to work onsite with the school district’s IT team. Together, our teams focused on connecting and making use of the assessment data in interoperable systems.

February was a short month, but we didn’t let that stop us!

Now March.

The beginning of the spring conference season is upon us—and we’re all over it! If you’e heading to an education conference in March, you will likely see a member of the Ed-Fi team!

Find us at these events. And please stop by and say “hello!”:

March 1-2

Pacific Northwest SIS Users Conference (Wilsonville, OR)

Sean Casey

March 4-6

CCSSO Legislative Conference (Washington, DC)

Maureen Wentworth

March 6

Ed-Fi’s SXSWedu Networking Event (Austin, TX)

Entire Ed-Fi Team!

March 12-14

CoSN Annual Conference (Washington, DC)

Sean Casey, Shannon Kerlick, and Troy Wheeler

March 23

CoSN CTO Clinic (Massachusetts)

Sean Casey, Shannon Kerlick

April 6 
Blended and Personalized Learning Conference (Providence, RI)

Sean Casey

Keep up with our travels! Check out our conference schedule here and follow us on Twitter @edfialliance, @seanmcasey, and @mowentworth.


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