As you know from our frequent Roadshow Reports, our team loves to get out of the office and interact with Ed-Fi community members and potential Ed-Fi licensees. We love being part of the conversation and hearing what’s happening on the ground.  While we logged a record number of travel miles in 2017; this year is going to be even busier and better!  Not only we will be visiting with states, districts and vendors, but we will be presenting, sponsoring and hosting a number of key events throughout the year. Stay tuned as we’ll be reporting on these opportunities more as they get closer, but for now here’s a quick snapshot of our travel plans for 2018. If you’re planning to be there too–lets meet up!

January 23-26, Future of Education Technology Conference

January 31, Florida CODE Summit

March 1-2, Pacific Northwest SIS Users

March 6, SXSW Edu *Be sure to drop by our hosted networking hour at Parkside!

March 12-14, CoSN Annual Conference *We are a Silver Sponsor of CoSN this year!

March 23, CoSN CTO Clinic in Massachusetts *Presenting Partner

May 22-24, EIMAC Spring Meeting

April 10-12, Ed-Fi Technical Congress

April 16-18, ASU-GSV

May 3-4, CoSN CTO Clinic Indiana *Presenting Partner

May 21-24, IMS Global® Conference

June 1-2, SETDA Emerging Technologies Forum

June 11-13, SIIA (ETIN) Annual Conference

June 20-21, CoSN CTO Clinic Texas

June 27-29, CCSSO National Conference on Student Assessment


October 1-2, EIMAC Fall Meeting

October 2-4, EdSurge Fusion

October, Ed-Fi Summit & Bootcamp *Exact dates TBD

October 21-24, iNACOL Blended & Online Symposium

October 24-28, CGCS Annual Fall Conference

November 4-7, SETDA Leadership Summit

Whew, thats a lot of travel! Luckily the Ed-Fi team is equipped with sturdy luggage, travel points and a strong message. #2018TravelGoals.




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