As a State Education Agency leader it can be hard to peel yourself away from your day to day and commit to a multi-day meeting. But you’ve cleared your travel, you’ve registered for the Summit and Bootcamp, you’ve booked your hotel and flight to Austin – now its time to figure out your schedule. With four jam packed days and over 75 interesting, engaging, and informative sessions that task can be a little daunting. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve pulled together a handy SEA Playlist just for you! It’s got a little inspiration, some best practice guidance from the field, and a day and a half of hands-on training to ensure a successful implementation.

It is all too easy to sit in our own SEAs, tick off our to-do lists, and stress over our challenges thinking we’re doing this work alone.  Luckily, that is not true – we have a community behind us and the Ed-Fi Summit is a great opportunity to get out of our offices to share, learn, and problem solve together!

You can view the full agenda and registration information here.

See you in October!

Ed-Fi SEA Playlist

Tuesday, Oct 9
12:30 pmWelcome Lunch
1:45 pmDistrict and State Ed-Fi Implementations: Working Together While Serving Different Use Cases


Managing Data as an Asset: Why Data Governance is Important

2:45 pmEd-Fi to CEDS – Plug and Play
4:00 pmOperational Playbook: Best Practices for Ed-Fi Implementations in SEAs
5:00 pmRead out from the Working Group Sessions
6:30 pmNetworking Reception hosted by Certica Solutions
Wednesday, Oct 10
8:00 amKickoff Keynote & Breakfast
9:30 amLeveraging Ed-Fi: Implementation Successes in Wisconsin and Michigan
10:30 amEd-Fi Dashboards: Highlighting ESSA & Growth Model
11:30 amCollect, Analyze, and Implement Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Data


Ed-Fi Community’s Technology Incubator: Sponsored Standards

12:30 pmKeynote & Lunch
1:45 pmState Leadership for Interoperability: Leveraging Data for Academic Excellence
2:45 pmIntegrating and Aligning Ed-Fi and CEDS


Wisconsin’s Ed-Fi Journey

4:00 pmEd-Fi Technology Roadmap


Unleashing the Power of the Finance & Staff Domains

5:00 pmCase Study: Using Ed-Fi for Real Time Attendance Reporting to the Arizona Department of Education.
6:30 pmNetworking Reception hosted by Amazon Web Services
Thursday, Oct 11
8:00 am2019 Community Awards & Breakfast
9:30 amBootcamp: Ed-Fi Technology 101
10:30 amEd-Fi Communications 101
11:30 amOverview of Ed-Fi Certification
12:30 pmFireside Chat with Ed-Fi Leaders & Lunch
2:00 pmBootcamp SEA & LEA: Using ODS/API in the Cloud
2:45 pmBootcamp SEA & LEA: Data Standard Changes in v3.0 and v3.1
3:45 pmBootcamp SEA: Extensions & MetaEd
6:30 pmNetworking Reception hosted by UPD Consulting
Friday, Oct 12
8:00 amBreakfast
9:00 amBootcamp: ODS/API v3.0 & 3.1


Bootcamp: Best Practices from the Community – 1

10:00 amBootcamp: MetaEd – Hands on Lab


Bootcamp: Best Practices from the Community part 2

11:00 amBootcamp: Tech Town Hall
12:30 pmClosing Lunch


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